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Welcome to Saints Philip & James Church

Brickhill, Bedford
Last Issue. Website closing on Wed 17th Sept 2014

SS Philip & James Church was built by Thomas Donnelly (A former Mayor of Bedford) and opened in September 1967.
Prior to that, Masses had been said in Brickhill School and local businesses.
The Parish was served from St Joseph and The Holy Child in Midland Road until 1969
when the first Parish Priest was inducted.
The altar is granite from Ireland and came from the round chapel at Clapham built by
the Nuns of the Convent of the Holy Ghost.

St Philip


St Philip was of Bethsaida in Galilee, and called by our Saviour to follow Him the day after St Peter and St Andrew. He meditated continuously on the law and the prophets, which disposed him for the important discovery of the Messiah in the person of Jesus Christ. He was obedient to the command to forsake all to follow Him and became thenceforth the inseparable companion of His ministry and labours.
St James


St James, also known as James the Younger or James the Just was a cousin of Jesus and brother of St Jude Thaddeus. He was first Bishop of Jerusalem. St James was one of the first to whom Christ appeared after His resurrection. St Paul called him a ‘pillar’ of the Church.

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